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Learn how to protect yourself & your loved ones. Get in great shape at the same time.

About Our School

Improve Your Life With Secret Martial Arts Benefits

Hi and welcome!

Have you been wanting to take control of your life for a while now but have been unsure how to do that? Perhaps you're looking for a new outlet for your kids to work off some of that extra energy while learning and growing.

Our Worthington Martial Arts school can certainly help you with those things. 

At first glance, most people think Martial Arts is a way to get fit and learn self-defense...which is true...but...

Martial arts is so much more than just kicks and punches! Our students are amazed at how Martial Arts truly enriches their lives in ways most people are not prepared for. Really.

These life-changing benefits are more "subtle" than the physical benefits you see from our classes. While we can see lean muscle forming, and feel the effects of cardio training within the first week, the benefits below are felt on a deeply personal level and with some phenomenal side effects.

Read below to see how amazing your life is about to get from taking a chance on yourself and leaping feet first into the action-packed world of Martial Arts. We can't wait to see how your life changes from our classes too!

Get ready for...

Tremendous Confidence

Martial arts is tough. Whether you just want to stay physically fit or you’re in it to win it and become one of the world’s leaders in martial arts, doing something new is challenging both physically and mentally. you push yourself and let your instructors guide and cheer you on, you’ll get a HUGE boost in confidence! You’ll also get in amazing shape and feel good about yourself and body. Know what that means? Even more confidence... and happiness!

You’ll be able to smile big and feel proud as you achieve things you once thought impossible. Even if that means completing one single push up, perfecting a difficult new technique, or simply watching your kids progress through their training.

Tons of Focus

Because the techniques are challenging, they require your full attention. You have to concentrate hard on listening to the instructor, then performing what they taught you.

The neat thing is that this intense focus naturally pours into all other areas of your life too.

Adults find themselves focusing more easily at work. Kids pay better attention and focus more in school. And all of that turns into greater SUCCESS for YOU.

Your Best Fitness Ever

No matter what your starting fitness level is, each one of our students improves from where they were when they took their first class. From total beginner to elite athletes. We strive to make sure each class is loaded with challenging and fun exercises that work your entire body.

You’ll be so focused on performing the techniques that some of the world’s top performing martial artists do, and having so much FUN, that before you know it, the class is over, and you not only learned powerful martial arts...

... but you got a great workout, too! Being physically fit BOOSTS energy and mental clarity. It REDUCES stress and anxiety… and so much more.

Feeling Like You Belong Here

Many martial artists claim they always felt like an “outsider” before they found Martial Arts. Some of our students just never got into organized sports in school or felt that social clubs weren’t for them.

But the same students that tell us how they “never fit in” or weren’t popular seem to come alive in class! We provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where we all want each other to succeed. We don’t have bullies or students trying to one up each other.

Our members and instructors are all about support and friendship. Kids and adults easily make a lot of friends here and, as a result, our community thrives.

We provide the kind of environment that fosters friendship, encouragement, and motivation. The sense of fulfillment after every class is more than you can imagine.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy & Have Fun!

Stuck in a fitness rut or tired of hitting up boot camp style classes where you get yelled at? Ugh, who can blame you. Luckily our classes are NOTHING like that. Action-packed and totally fun, focused on your success, and always changing. No two workouts are the same and we always use positive motivation.

No military style yelling or body shaming, ever.

Both kids and adults both work hard, but also play hard. Laughing, smiles, and high fives are part of every class.

Our Worthington Kids tae kwon do classes are not only geared towards excellent self-defense techniques, striking, and kicking - children ages 4 and up are taught self-discipline, focus, and respect. Parents of the students love our classes too because they have seen their kids become better behaved everywhere they go and often perform better in school.

We love to keep the kids engaged and attentive with a little bit of play! It's fun for kids, parents, and the instructors. Classes are packed with fun activities and games as kids improve techniques and have a blast!

Learn More...

We believe fitness classes should offer more than just toning muscle, burning fat and boosting energy. That's why our Worthington kickboxing classes are extra-packed with a mix of fun, action and passionate instructors. Our caring instructors will guide you through professional workouts with real-life kickboxing techniques to develop unshakable confidence and a slimmer, stronger you.

Work with authentic kickboxing equipment, learn new athletic drills and burn fat fast as you make friends. It's risk free to join with our amazing web special. Just click now to get started.

Learn More...

Give your kid the most fun (and educational) birthday of their life with our awesome kids birthday package. Kids rave about these things for MONTHS after they happen. They're just that awesome.

Learn More...
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Welcome to Worthington Martial Arts Institute...a place where �We Build Leaders!� Our goal is to provide the highest quality instruction in traditional martial arts, with a focus on karate and taekwondo, while providing modern personal safety and self-defense training.

We are a family-oriented school in an upper middle class suburb of Columbus, OH. We encourage families to get fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle together. Not only does it bring family members closer together physically, but also emotionally and spiritually. It�s FUN and EDUCATIONAL for your ENTIRE FAMILY!

Kids & Adults Welcome! The majority of our adult students are parents who bring their kids to Worthington to practice, learn and have lots of fun. Our school is appealing to families from all walks of life because we accept one and all with open arms.

Are you a bit nervous about trying something really cool, but you�re totally new at it?

A lot of kids � and adults - are and that�s ok, but don�t sweat the small stuff. Our students start at different fitness levels and we love to work with beginners and advanced students alike.

No matter what your starting level is, you�ll get a great workout, gain lean muscle, and learn excellent self-defense techniques to keep you and your family fit and safe.

Our students love to help each other learn the different karate and taekwondo moves like punching, kicking, striking and defending. And everyone loves to encourage each other to always do their best and have a TON OF FUN.

We Build Leaders. Every parent wants the best for their kids and I�m sure you�re no exception. It�s hard being a parent these days with stressful jobs, always rushing around and having little or no quality time together.

Imagine though if you did have quality time together on a regular basis. That�s where our school can help you do that. Your kids will learn interpersonal and leadership skills like...

The skills that martial arts teaches are PRICELESS and will help you become a strong, well rounded individual capable of achieving great success in school, at work and in all of life.

Check out our amazingly-low web special going on right now, or stop by for a tour of the facility!

We can\'t wait to train with you and see how fast you grow with us! Join Worthington now to experience the best prices, the most amazing staff, and have the most fun you�ve EVER had getting fit!

It�s Not About Fighting. We don\'t teach your kids how to fight; we teach them how to defend themselves in a safe and healthy way. Your child will learn how to stand-up for himself and be confident in any situation.

Kids learn how to be bully-proof, how to spot sticky situations so they can walk away before things get bad, and also how to defend themselves if they need to.

Flexible Schedule. Life is crazy and hectic. It can be tough to fit in a great workout with HUGE benefits, no matter how much you may be dying to try something new and cool.

Luckily, we have flexible scheduling with tons of class variety for kids, teens and adults.

Students use our classes as a highly effective training tool for personal defense, a stellar boost to weight loss and fitness gains, or even as a stand-alone martial art. No matter what motivated you to Worthington, you can expect to experience...

Read below about our amazing instructor whose main focus is on your success.

Our Instructor

Master Mike Scarbrough has been studying martial arts for over 25 years. He�s been teaching and getting students of all ages excited to learn martial arts for over 20 years.

Mr. Scarbrough�s understanding of martial arts and his motivational teaching style have led to many awards including induction into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Taekwondo Master of the Year.

Master Scarbrough has studied many different martial arts extensively and is a 7th degree black belt in Taekwondo, a 6th degree black belt Ryukyu-Kempo Karate and holds a 3rd degree black belt in Small Circle Jujitsu.

Master Scarbrough has a B.A. in English from The Ohio State University.

Mr. Scarbrough founded the Worthington Martial Arts Institute in order to promote the positive benefits of Martial Arts to the community. His dedication and appreciation of the art is clearly apparent in his teaching.

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